Birthday: June 27
Twitter handle: @KallanOliver
Instagram handle: @kallanoliver


Life Motto:

Work hard, play hard

Drink of Choice:

Vodka Cranberry or Vodka Soda

Favorite DJ:


What gets you pumped up for your night?

Drinking and dancing with my girls!

Guilty Pleasure:

Mint chip ice cream

What is your favorite game?

I love to watch live sports, mostly football and basketball but I can get into baseball too!

Are you a cat or a dog person?

Cats always.

If you ruled the world, what would you change?

World peace, obviously. But also I would outlaw crocs.

Favorite thing about Colorado?

The leaves in the fall.

What’s your favorite vacation destination?

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

What would be the theme song to your life?

Weekend by Louis the Child

What’s the best way to win you over?

A bottle of Dom and some chocolates

We love champagne at Lumi! What is your favorite bubbly?

ACE! Of course

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